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It may be hard to find enough time to learn all of the secrets of the mysterious Galapagos Islands. Your days will be filled with meeting new people, enjoying the charm of the small island villages, feasting on local fare, or getting to know old cultural traditions. But to really learn about the Galapagos Islands, the school offers tours and excursions to complete your island wish list. Here are just a few:

Explorers’ Mecca

Choose from a variety of excursions from the Galapagos Islands Spanish language school – each of which offer a unique view of the archipelago.

  • The Charles Darwin Research Center on Santa Cruz Island helps visitors have a personal connection with current research and conservation efforts. On this Galapagos excursion see some of the unique animals up close and personal, while learning about what makes this ecosystem so special.
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  • A tour of the Santa Cruz Highlands directly connects you to the biodiversity of the Archipelago. Visit lush trails covered with island flora and fauna and explore underground tunnels and caves. You may even see one of the giant tortoises on this tour!
  • Tortuga Bay is a famous Galapagos Island excursion that is a must-see for nature lovers and a wonderful place for swimming, snorkeling and long, meandering walks. But be sure to stay to watch the spectacular sunset from this special place.

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