Arrival to Cuenca

By Plane

Although Cuenca does not have an international airport, arriving to the city by plane is the easiest option. Students are recommended to take a flight to the capital of Ecuador, Quito or to the countries largest city, Guayaquil and take a connecting flight. There are not always flights to Cuenca available so it is suggested that students fly into their preferred destination on a Saturday with hotel arrangements. TAME and Aerogal are two airlines that usually offer daily services to Cuenca.

You can request a transfer from our Spanish language school in Cuenca. In this case you will be met at the airport in Quito or Guayaquil, taken to a hotel for the night and then picked up in the morning to take a connecting flight to Cuenca the next day. The airport in Cuenca is relatively close to the city center and should cost around US$2.00 in a taxi.

By Bus

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Cuenca is located on the Panamericana (Pan-American Highway) connecting the valley to various cities in Ecuador and even Peru. You can take a bus to Cuenca if you prefer a more economical option. Alausi and San Luis are two bus companies that run services in Ecuador. Bus trips are extremely affordable, but prices vary depending on your origin.

Buses can also be taken from Piura or Tumbes, Peru for a price ranging from US$7.00 to US$15.00. The bus companies that run this service are Pullman Sucre and CIFA International. We recommend booking your ticket a day in advance because buses tend to fill up quickly.

Transportation in Cuenca

The city center of Cuenca is small enough to walk to most destinations. The narrow cobblestoned streets make travelling by car in Cuenca sometimes a slower option.

Cuenca Spanish School Accommodation Cuenca Photo Gallery

By Taxi

Taxis are not expensive, although it is recommended that the fare be negotiated before starting the journey. Tips are expected.

By Bus

The bus system in Cuenca is not a complicated one as it is usually very well marked and easy to navigate. The fare is inexpensive but requires exact change as the ticket is issued from a machine.

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