Learn Spanish in Sámara

Study Spanish in Sámara and surf, windsurf, swim and relax on the beach all year round. Explore neighboring beaches on horseback or on a scooter. Rent a kayak and go on an adventure around the coast, do not forget to visit Isla Chora, the small wooded island that sits in the bay of Playa Sámara.

Sámara Study Spanish in Sámara (Costa Rica)

  • Sámara InhabitantsInhabitants: 1,100
  • Sámara LocationLocation: Western Pacific Coast
  • Sámara TemperatureTemp: 25°C (Jan), 27°C (Jul)
  • Sámara TimezoneTimezone: UTC-6
  • Sámara CurrencyCurrency: Costa Rican Colón (CRC)
  • Sámara CountryCountry: Costa Rica
Learn Spanish in Sámara Sámara Photo Gallery

Traditional Beach Village

Sámara is a beautiful traditional Costa Rican beach village and a popular holiday destination for local families and tourists. Only two hours away from Liberia and its international airport, Sámara Spanish language school is conveniently close yet pleasantly isolated from bustling big city life.

The area thrives on fishing and farming – you will experience picturesque scenes of fishing boats coming ashore as the sun sets and colorful markets filled with exotic and organic fruits. The town boasts from an exciting ecological mix of sea and land species, impressive coral reefs and a small island with a wooded forest home to a very tranquil beach.

Fun in the Sun

Study Spanish in Sámara Sámara Photo Gallery

The weather in Costa Rica makes a perfect destination for your Spanish language lessons in Sámara as average temperaturas range between 30° Celsius (86° Fahrenheit) and 35° Celsius (95° Fahrenheit) year round.

This region has a unique mix of flora and fauna. Go bird watching or dive in the Pacific Ocean and explore the underwater ecosystem up close. Learn Spanish in Sámara and choose from a range of activities on dry land and at sea to keep you occupied in between your Spanish lessons.

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