Learn Spanish in Leticia

The peaceful city of Leticia is located in the most southern part of Colombia, on the river banks of the Amazon River, at the tripoint or “Tres Fronteras” of Colombia, Brazil and Peru. On the Brazilian side, it has Tabatinga as its neighbor city, and eastwards lies the Peruvian island of Santa Rosa de Yavari.

Leticia Study Spanish in Leticia (Columbia)

  • Leticia InhabitantsInhabitants: 32,450
  • Leticia LocationLocation: Amazon Jungle
  • Leticia TemperatureTemp: 31°C (Jan), 31°C (Jul)
  • Leticia TimezoneTimezone: UTC-5
  • Leticia CurrencyCurrency: Colombian Peso (COP)
  • Leticia CountryCountry: Colombia
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A World of Ecosystems

The city is the capital of the Amazonas department and has more than 30,000 inhabitants. For those who would like to study Spanish in Leticia, learning the language can be perfectly combined with visits to the national parks and other eco-tourism and volunteering activities in a region with one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. For those who want to learn Spanish in Leticia: from a language learning perspective, the Colombian accent is considered as one of Latin America’s most neutral accents, which makes it easy to understand for the beginner.

Nature and History

The city was founded by the Peruvian captain Benigno Bustamante in 1867 and named San Antonio. Traces of human civilization in the region, however, go back as far as at least 8000 BC. Situated in the heart of the Amazon region, Leticia has a tropical climate all year, with an average temperature of 25° C. The driest months are July and August, whereas the wettest period are from February until April.

Learn Spanish in Leticia Leticia Photo Gallery

Leticia’s rich biodiversity attracts not only tourists, but also researchers such as biologists and ecologists to the area, which is one of the safest of the country. The city with its brightly colored houses, has plenty of cafes and restaurants with relaxing terraces, artisan shops and accommodation for travelers in all price ranges. If you decide to take a Spanish language course in Leticia, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular wonders of nature and fully live the Amazon experience in a safe environment.

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Learn Spanish in Leticia