Portuguese School in Florianópolis

Our Portuguese language school in Florianópolis takes an innovative approach to teaching Portuguese. Our local team focuses on ways to help you gain confidence in your language skills by teaching grammar in a more interesting way while you participate in a Portuguese language course in Florianópolis.


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The Portuguese school in Florianópolis is conveniently located in the center of the island – close to hotels, restaurants and bars. Plus, it is only a 20-minute bus ride away from several beaches. The island has great seafood and Italian restaurants that you can easily walk to after an entertaining Portuguese class at our language school in Florianópolis. The nightlife in Florianópolis is lively and friendly so be sure to organize fun-filled nights out with your course mates!


We can offer you all the necessary facilities to ensure a comfortable language holiday in Florianópolis, allowing you to focus on becoming an expert in Portuguese and having the time of your life. The classrooms at our Portuguese language school in Florianópolis are equipped with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi; so you can bring your own notebook, tablet or smart phone and connect it to our wireless internet.

Teachers and staff

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The teachers at the Portuguese school in Florianópolis have been carefully chosen based on their native language skills and their unique personalities. These characteristics facilitate the original way in which Portuguese is taught at our school and ensure that you get the most out of all of our Portuguese courses in Florianópolis. Several members of our staff at the language school in Florianópolis have university and masters degrees. They all share a common appreciation for Brazilian culture and the Portuguese language.

School FactsSchool Facts

Year of foundation: 2001
Nationality of owners: Brazilian
Minimum age: 15 years
Distance to beach: 10 km
Distance to city center: 6 km
Distance to airport: 8 km
Free internet access: Yes
Number of computers: 0
WLAN access: Yes
Facilities for handicapped: No
Number of classrooms: 7
High season: December to March
Course levels: 3 (High season) / 2 (Low season)
Average number of students: 48 (High season) / 16 (Low season)

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