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Brazil, with its population of over 200 million is the geographic and rapidly growing economic giant of South America.

There are several Portuguese language schools in southeastern Brazil. Rio de Janeiro has the world-famous Carnival held annually prior to Lent. São Paulo is one of the largest, most dynamic cities in the world. Lesser known is Florianópolis, a beach resort area in southern Brazil with a high standard of living.

Study Portuguese at Carnival

In northeastern Brazil is Salvador da Bahia, an early capital of Brazil. Salvador was a major slave market trading center and has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The northeast port city of Maceió has a hot and humid climate, with nearby tropical rain forests.

For those preferring learning Portuguese in Europe, there are Portuguese language schools in Porto in the north, the capital of Lisbon, and Faro in the south.

Portuguese is increasingly important in Latin American business. In Brazil or Portugal, a language school with native speakers is a perfect way to learn the Portuguese language and enhance your business or pleasure trip. Let Ailola Latino arrange your Portuguese course in either country.

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Study Portuguese under a Brazilian Waterfall

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