Advantages of Ailola Latino

As an Ailola Latino customer, you enjoy a wide array of advantages. Here are the ten most important advantages but by no means the only ones.

1. Customer Satisfaction

100-percent customer satisfaction is our greatest motivator. It is also our biggest concern. Should something not go according to plan, then we do whatever we can to help, instead of just looking away. Of course, this also applies after you have paid for your language vacation.

2. Personal Consultation

We consult with you at no charge and personally. To us, service doesn't just mean being around when things go smoothly; it also means being available to resolve difficult situations that come up before, during or after your trip. You can also count on Ailola Latino to stand solidly behind you in the unlikely case of dispute with the language school.

3. Quality Schools

You can identify our selected partner schools by their emphases on quality and reliability. We have worked for many years with a number of them. Out of hundreds in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, there are only a handful of language schools that meet our stringent requirements. First-rate instruction accompanied by exceptional value for money are of particular importance to us.

4. Capability in Spanish and in Portuguese

We focus on what we can do and what we enjoy doing. We have proven experience in Spanish and Portuguese language travel, which we transmit to you. We ourselves have taken language courses in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

5. International Friendships

When we decide to work together with a language school, we have already checked for a good balance of nationalities. You get to know people with the greatest variety of backgrounds, attitudes and experiences. You can make friends internationally and deepen your knowledge of foreign languages at the same time.

6. Open Communication

We are happy to hear praise, but we take constructive criticism even more seriously. We ask each and every participant in a language course for his or her feedback after the trip, which allows us to further improve our offer and to be even better at meeting customer expectations.

7. Best Price Guarantee

With us, you don't pay any agency fees or premiums. The most you will pay is the original price charged by the language school. We guarantee you the best price. Should this not be the case, you get double the price difference back.

8. Up-to-Date Prices

We offer all language courses in various local currencies - such as the US dollar, the euro or the Swiss franc - valued at the daily exchange rate. Depending on your country of residence, you will see and pay the prices in your local currency when available. The fact that we do so allows you to simply compare the prices, save on extra fees for money transfers and always count on the best price.

9. Payment Security

Ailola Latino is headquartered in Germany. If you book your language trip through us, you are subject to German law. In the case of bankruptcy, the price of your language trip is insured at no extra cost through our insurance partner. In addition, we have adequate liability insurance.

10. Sustainability

We are committed to sustainable protection of the environment in general and of nature in particular. And this is not because it is trendy, chic and good for marketing; it is a matter of true conviction. 1% of our profits are invested in sustainable projects.

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